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Coffee lover, Sunset chaser, Cocktail dreamer, Paradise believer.

Do you feel lucky? That is the question i ask myself every day and YES is the answer. I have the most amazing job which has led me to be able to put my addiction for travel to the test and boy has it tested me. Sleepless nights, the longest days, airports becoming my second home and well crossing paths with the most loveliest and ludicrous people BUT also making the most of out every situation.  Still trying to comprehend that this is a job and not a hobby, I mean  what an amazing opportunity it is to get paid to travel the world, explore places never thought imaginable, keep my passport fully stamped. So i decided today, after 13 years & more to share my stories, my tips, my loves, my 'will never do again's! some of the most wonderful, hilarious moments I've experienced along the way, Whilst still finding new treasures, never ending bucketlists, So id love for you to join me on this journey past and present. 

I'm Amie sometimes know as 'the wandering willow' and I have for 13 years now been lucky enough to call myself a virgin, (not in that kind;) I work for a pretty cool company called 'Virgin Atlantic' and  I get to fly around the skies. Having actually always worked within travel, from selling holidays, cruising the sea's whilst dancing my way around the world... I think i got the travel bug from a very young age. .....as a kid we were super lucky to go on crazy family holidays and never the typical 'resort/kids club' kinda holiday! My dad would book a us one way flight, my sister ,my mum & me. Then the rest would just fall into place...most of the time! But that was the most amazing part. The unknown, the adventure, the tears, the laughter. We ferried around the Greek isles, camped in France, took car trips through Spain, lugged our suitcases which were bigger than us during 30 degree heat, stayed in hostels, hovils and beautiful beach houses, but i wouldn't change any of it. It taught me everything i needed to know about how to get the most of this crazy beautiful world. 

The majority of my work travels are quick stopovers 24/48 hours so most of my posts will be how to always make the most of where you are in the world. Ill try to share with you my favorite places to drink a coffee or some cocktails depending on the time of day 'Its always 5pm somwhere' Or the best places for art, sights, walking, shopping, and lots more tricks and tips.  When i'm not at work i'm usually still on a plane, heading somewhere to explore, so would love to share my pics with you all, apologies in advance, I'm a sucker for a sunset. I'm excited to share with you about the best places to chill,party,drink,eat and some tips on packing and anything else you may need to know whilst trying not to forget your passport.

So lets go crazy, Fasten your seatbelts, Explore, Unite & let your dreams set you as free as a pea.


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Some top tips to help when travelling the world

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Keep your face & skin feeling amazing In flight and on the ground. Sunshine, wind & rain

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