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Staying sassy in San Francisco

Updated: Jul 26, 2019

So, when we think of San Francisco the first thing that comes to mind is the Golden Gate Bridge.. right? The famous bike ride to saulsalito. Alcatraz, Fisherman’s wharf, Union Square.

Well, while all these are super fun (will tell you more another time about some of the tourist things) but on this post will be heading to Haight Ashbury to drink amazing coffee at Rituals (honestly one of the best almond-milk, flat whites I’ve ever had ;) stop by for a beer in their very own brewery ‘Magnolia brewing’

There’s not many places like this anymore, No chains, (well maybe a couple but cool ones! Independent restaurants, boutiques, art, and the most incredible vintage stores keeping me entertained for hours & out of pocket always.

Some of my favourites are:

Held over; Amazing store with vintage from every decade plus military pieces. I bought my 1950’s army coat here for less than $50 then customised it at home!

Decades of fashion; Does exactly what is says on the tin, browse amazing pieces from every decade, 20’s are my favourite. Also sells the most incredible hats and accessories. Bit more pricey here.

Wastelsnd; A mix of modern day and vintage and lots of designer too. some other stores are similar but this one by far gets my vote.

Goodwill store; and finally this place. You have to rummage but it will be worth it. Again a mix of vintage & modern day. I have found some of my favourite things in my wardrobe here and never paid more than $20 plus the store is charity based.

Theres so many other shops selling everything from tie dye, vinyl, gifts, art. crystals, tattoos, and festival attire heaven! Happy shopping!

Forgot to mention, if your walking from the city (takes about an hour, sometimes uphill! You are in SF remember) head to Kate’s Kitchen for breakfast, it’s not fancy but they do incredible pancakes and breakfasts to fill you up for your day. Then head to Alamo square for a photo stop of the painted ladies ‘San Fran’s famous painted wooden houses.

Peckish inbetween shopping then Haight has everything covered. From pizza at bizza or slice house. Tacos from street taco or Mi familia Taqueria. Theres burger joints, doughnuts, gelato and so much more.

After all this, if you still have any energy then you’ll reach Golden gate park. Be warned it’s BIG but beautiful, Japanese tea gardens, Shakespeare gardens, Morrison planetarium, De young museum. FYI most of these i mention you have to pay :( but if you just want to walk or cycle (can hire a bike at the entrance ) then just after the windmill you’ll reach the Pacific Ocean. And wow what a view! Well worth the 10k (if you walked from the city)

You’ll prob want to Uber back to your hotel after this, but if you still have the energy from here you can walk the Pacific coast highway to the Golden Gate Bridge. I’ve only ever managed it once (after a full day of shopping/eating/drinking etc) but its totally worth the sore legs the next day, it’s Magnificen! (just don’t plan the bike ride for the day after!! I did warn You! Stop by ’The Cliff house‘ for a well needed cocktail or two or three, with insane views. Then prob call that uber. ;) But if you do make it to the bridge I swear it’s totally worth it!

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