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Concrete insta dreams

Updated: May 13, 2020

New York,New York what a wonderful town, and it really is. The city that never sleeps and the city that you can visit so many times and still find something new each & every time, which over the years i have had the pleasure of doing. In minus 10 and scorching 40 degree heat and no matter what, i still love the place. Now i don't want to harp on about the 'normal' tourist attractions, which we've seen on movie sets and the endless insta posts time and time again. Not in anyway am i saying don;t visit them, They are AMAZING! The Statue of Liberty, The Empire state building, The Brooklyn Bridge & Times Square all all worthy of a visit but just a little off the beaten track is where you find the real beauty, insta worthy shots to get all your friends jealous. amazing coffee, shops, restaurants and much much more.

1-If your staying in Manhattan then walk or bike over the Brooklyn bridge right into the heart of uber cool. First foot off the bridge you reach 'Dumbo' the now upmarket district filled with independent boutiques, cafes and of course Soho house. For your insta shot walk to 'Water Street' and here you'll get a fab view of the Manhattan Bridge in all its glory with the empire state just in the background. Top tip, go at sunset for the best Oh'natural filter. A little bit further on and you'll reach Bushwick neighborhood, This is one of my favorite places to wander. There;s block and blocks of street art here so cameras at the ready, also the pizza is to die for and you can hit some super cool vinyl stores and quirky vintage shops.

2- Head to Hudson yards on the west side, here you'll come across 'The Vessle' A new structure that you can climb (pre book your tickets) or just stare at the extraordinary architecture whilst sipping a coffee from Blue bottle. Head to battery park on waterfront and here you can jump on the ferry to Hoboken.

This sleepy town believe it or not, has the most bars per square mile in America, but after all the drinking make sure you leave room for dessert, Carlos bakery on Main Street has the most incredible Cannoli plus many more Sweet indulgent treats to tempt you. The piéce de résistance of course is the all important NYC skyline, i mean that's the reason you came right, for a panoramic visual spectacle walk on down to the Hudson boardwalk at sunset for the best picture and just take it all in. I can promise you it will not disappoint.

3- Chelsea and Greenwich village are just the most beautiful neighborhoods in NYC, slightly away from the hustle and bustle of the city, the houses, gardens, boutiques, cafes your really spoilt for choice. Perry street is where (if your a SATC fan) you can find Carries apartment, (unfortunately you cant sit on the steps anymore though, sob! Chelsea market is one of my fave places to wander round with some fab independent bookshops and a quirky collection of of shops especially the all year round Xmas store all housed in the historic biscuit factory. From here you can walk the Highline back to midtown, stop and explore the picturesque gardens along the way with art installations and endless photo opportunities. Or head towards west village and walk past the cutest Doggy park on the way to bleaker street. wander the tree lined streets full of gorgeous boutiques , vintage shops & lots of sweet treats to indulge in but save room as There’s so many amazing eateries around- the super cute ‘Lovely Day is the place to go if you like Thai food or the pink paradise ‘Pietro NoLita‘ for Italian. Yum!

4- On the Uppereast side between 59th street & 2nd jump on the Roosevelt tram and the spectacular bird’s eye views will leave you speechless for the 4 minute journey onto Roosevelt island.

This narrow island lives between Manhattan and Queens and is a great way to take some time out of the city and take on some history. Only being 2 miles long it’s easy enough to walk round and explore. in summer cool off at the Manhattan park pool club for a skittle Inspired swim (prices vary on day or visit) or catch some art at Riviva, visit the lighthouse on the north tip or just grab a picnic and chill in the park and feel like your in the movies surrounded by the concrete jungle that may just leave you speechless.

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