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24 hours to get sleepy in Seattle

Updated: Jun 26, 2019

DM’s required to ponder round Punksville!

From the moment you step foot in the city you can feel the northern charm.

The evergreen trees sprawling across the city with pockets of modern sky scrapers popping through, Surrounded by blue waters of Elliot bay.

The first port of call for your morning is coffee and where else better than the worlds first ever Starbucks. Once you got your fix your ready to take on the day ahead and your already in the perfect starting point. The iconic Pikes place market. Wander round here taking in the smell of the most beautiful flowers, the colours of the fresh fruit and veg and the singing of the fisherman on the fish stands. You will also find so many gifts and treasures here fresh food and naughty sweet treats from independent market sellers.

A few short steps away you’ll come across the famous gum wall. A sticky subject as to whether its gross or not, of course it is but it’s also stunning. The colours and the patterns make this an instagrammers dream. It’s slightly mesmerising.

Just around the corner you’ll find the western wall also made up of mosaics and celebrating the people of Seattle.

Heading north along the waterfront you can take in the spectacular views across the bay. (If you have longer a boat trip is always a great idea)

You should reach the Olympic sculpture park by late morning. Here take some time to chill and take it all in. The award winning park has breathtaking views of the space needle, mount rainier and of course amazing sculptures.

Make sure you detour slightly back on yourself and stop at Edgewater hotel on the water front for an early lunch. The food here is delicious and the views are to die for. If you stay any longer you’ll make happy hour which starts at 3pm every weekday.

This afternoon you’ll reach Seattle centre point. You can lose yourself for hours here. From the space needle (the views are incredible on a sunny day) you have the botanical gardens and the museum of pop, modern art, etc etc. Seattle never seaces to amaze me with its punk culture and incredible art sprawled across the.

Try not to-wear yourself out too much as once the sun sets the wild ones come out to play. The nite scene here is buzzy. On western street you’ll find yourself lost in translation with sake bars, tiki bars to name a few but my favourite is the rabbit hole. A quirky vibe bar with good music, reasonably priced drinks and some cool old school arcade machines to get competitive on before you hit the clubs. Did I mention being sleepless in Seattle.... well it’s very easily done.


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